School Profile

Mission Statement of Stewarts Creek Elementary School:
It is our mission to ensure all students acquire the academic and social skills essential to
achieving their full potential and becoming productive citizens.

Vision Statement of Stewarts Creek Elementary School:
Our vision for Stewarts Creek Elementary is to develop responsible, self reliant
learners that seek to become leading members of society.


Stewarts Creek Elementary School Statements of Belief:
All students are unique and should be educated
according to their diverse learning styles by using differentiated instruction.

All children are capable of learning
and should be encouraged to do so at their highest level.

Using benchmark testing, interventions will be developed within the
Professional Learning Community Team as needed.

Research based information (mandated state standards)
should drive planning, instruction, and assessments.

All instruction is based on mandated state standards to
increase student achievement in comprehension, application,
retention, critical thinking skills,
and problem solving skills.

All students deserve a safe school environment conducive to learning.
We believe technology is essential to stimulate
and prepare students for life long learning.

Faculty and staff will communicate and collaborate with parents, community
representatives, and the students to strengthen student learning.
Assessment of learning is a vital part of students’ success.

Establishing and maintaining high expectations
both behaviorally and academically, and
these achievements will be positively rewarded when obtained.

Children are active learners and need a stimulating
environment with multiple experiences.

We believe in establishing a learning environment
that respects and celebrates the rich diversity of all stakeholders.